Create a survey for a client that could be used to gather valid, actionable data.
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Form Elements

Input Types

Input Attributes

Validity and Reliability (Part 2)


The survey has a clear purpose and value for the client.
The survey has an identifiable conceptual dependent variable, such as customer satisfaction or depression.
The survey has decent retest reliability, meaning someone retaking it under the same conditions would give approximately the same responses.
The survey has decent construct validity, meaning it addresses the conceptual variable it is intended to measure.
The survey has decent content validity, meaning it appropriately covers different aspects of the conceptual variable as needed.
The survey is appropriate for its target audience, such as in terms of length, wording, and format.
The survey uses multiple input types.
The survey uses at least one select element.
The survey uses at least two different attributes (besides form).
The page submits the data to a results page using POST.
The results page shows reasonable (but hypothetical) results.
The results page shows an average, proportion, distribution, or free-response list for each item, as appropriate.
The results page is easy for the client to understand.
All starred requirements from previous assignments are achieved.