5. Anything to the power of zero (except zero) has the same value.

7. You can make the exponent positive by putting it in the denominator.

15. Only the y has a negative exponent.

20. Each negative exponent can be made positive by crossing the fraction bar.

27. This is p6 × p6 × p6 × p6.

31. x is x1.

32. There are a lot of ways you could start this problem, such as simplifying the numerator.

37. -5 to the third power is -125.

38. x4 will be in the denominator, and so will the value of 44.

39. The negative exponent flips the fraction.

40. Negative t times negative t is positive t2.

70. The √ symbol means the positive square root.

72. √(a/b) is the same as √a / √b.