Sheets will do all our calculations for us if we tell it what we want. Better yet, we can give it a single formula and have it apply it to multiple rows.

To enter a formula, cells need to be referenced. This can be done by directly clicking on them or by typing a reference.

To reference thisType thisExample
A cell on the same sheetthe column letter followed by the row numberB5
A cell on a different sheetthe sheet name in single quotes, followed by an exclamation mark, the column letter, and the row number'Tax Rates'!B5
A range of cellsthe reference of the first cell, followed by a colon and the reference of the last cellB5:E9

To enter a formula, type "=" followed by the expression.

Formulas can be repeated without retyping. Sheets can automatically change the cell references in the formula to adjust for the new location.

To repeat a formulaDo thisExample
With automatic adjustmentClick on the cell with the formula already typed, and drag the box in the lower right corner.=G4*H4 in cell I4 will change to =G5*H5 when dragged down to row 5.
Without automatic adjustmentAdd a "$" in front of each letter or number you don't want to change, and then do as above.=G$4*H$4 in cell I4 will stay =G$4*H$4 when dragged.
    ➜ Try it
  1. Type =G4*H4 in cell I4 to calculate the total price of the first item.
  2. Repeat this formula all the way down the spreadsheet.