Statistics & Research Methods


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Notes and Assignments

Chapter NotesSlidesClassworkHomeworkReviewTest
1. Introduction to Research MethodsNotes 1Slides 1Classwork 1Homework 1Review 1September 16
2. GraphsNotes 2Slides 2Classwork 2Homework 2Review 2September 29
3. Central Tendency and VariationNotes 3Slides 3Classwork 3Homework 3Review 3October 19
4. ProbabilityNotes 4Slides 4Classwork 4Homework 4Review 4November 18
5. Discrete Probability DistributionsNotes 5Slides 5Classwork 5Homework 5Review 5December 7
6. Normal and Sampling DistributionsNotes 6Slides 6Classwork 6Homework 6Review 6February 3
7. Confidence IntervalsNotes 7Slides 7Classwork 7Homework 7Review 7February 24
8. Hypothesis Testing with z and tNotes 8Slides 8Classwork 8Homework 8Review 8March 31
9. Hypothesis Testing with r, Χ2, and FNotes 9Slides 9Classwork 9Homework 9Review 9May 17

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