Math 2


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Notes and Assignments

Chapter NotesSlidesClassworkHomeworkReviewTest
1. Geometry BasicsNotes 1Slides 1Classwork 1Homework 1Review 1September 12
2. PolygonsNotes 2Slides 2Classwork 2Homework 2Review 2October 3
3. SimilarityNotes 3Slides 3Classwork 3Homework 3Review 3October 23
4. Right Triangle TrigonometryNotes 4Slides 4Classwork 4Homework 4Review 4November 16
5. CirclesNotes 5Slides 5Classwork 5Homework 5Review 5December 5
6. PolynomialsNotes 6Slides 6Classwork 6Homework 6Review 6February 6
7. Graphs of Quadratic EquationsNotes 7Slides 7Classwork 7Homework 7Review 7March 8
8. Solving Quadratic EquationsNotes 8Slides 8Classwork 8Homework 8Review 8April 17

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